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Every life has or must have the beginning and the end here on earth. We were born knowing for sure that one day we will leave the earth. While we are still alive it is very important to know what will happen right after we die. Many religions have different beliefs about life after death.

Have you ever experienced Loss of Loved One?

When we lost someone near and dear to our heart, it was very hard even to go through the pain of missing their presence. Grieving for loved ones is real. We can’t never replace them. Regarding loss, we all differ each other from coping with loss and grief. Some could spend countless hours, days, months and years to recover from the loss while for some others recovering from it is much faster.

Grieving for Loss is Real!

I personally had gone through tremendous loss of loved ones. I would like to share some helpful thoughts and actions that may help you recover more faster from grief and loss. Here are some simple steps you can practice yourself without the help of a counselor or etc.

What do you believe in?

1. Try to accept the universal truth of loss and grief. They are real. Humans have real feelings and emotions for real life.

2. Know that you are not alone in this journey. Everyone has his or her share of loss and grief. It is nobody’s fault to feel broken and hopeless due to the loss.

3. Give yourself time to grieve until you are emotionally able to accept the fact. The more you understand yourself in times of grief, the faster you will overcome the given situation. Never try to be in a hurry to get emotional healing. Emotional healing or recovery is a process.

4. Believe in your heart and soul that death is not the end of everything. It is just the beginning of everything new. Depending on what you believe, you will be able to hope into something greater than death itself. In fact, most religions teach that death is not just the end of everything but rather the beginning of new life. For Christians, death opens up door of eternal life for those who believe in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

5. We, Christians, believe that there will be a day of resurrection when all the dead will rise again. We believe in the power of resurrection, and hope in the resurrection of the dead.

6. Once we are certain of a personal salvation of the dead, we know for sure where he or she is going. Of course, heaven where death or sorrow or pain do not exist (for Christians).

7. Therefore, what we believe will help us cope with loss and grief. If the religion we believe in teaches us about life after death or no life after death or anything can happen after death or etc, we are wired in our souls with their teachings. Certainly, the dead can no longer speak for oneself, so we have to choose how far we will go on with the season of grief. The longer it lingers, the deeper it takes time to heal.

8. The choice is ours. We can have a total control over how to feel or cope up with loss and grief. No one can do on the behalf of us. We will have to choose how to win in life even during and after our experiences of loss and grief.

9. Study what good things to learn from the stories of the dead. It helps us see and acknowledge what legacy he or she left us with. Learning their legacies will tremendously help us heal our wounded emotions faster.

10. Getting oneself prepare for death itself can help us see death as not an obstacle but an opportunity to help us pass through another life. We will remember that we all have to go through that hard part in life. But death is not the end of our Journey here on earth. Death is just the beginning of eternal life. Our readiness itself will help us recover from coping with loss and grief. Please remember, we are responsible for the health and wellness of our hearts, minds and soul.

Are you ready to write your next chapter in Life after loss? The page is blank, start writing Life to it!

Start writing Life to the Next Chapter!

Vung Z. Cing
What do you do with your money?

Government Assistance called Stimulus income helps many struggling citizens and the refugees in the United States. Due to Covid pandemic, many have lost their jobs or many companies reduce their working hours. It has a negative effect on many people. Especially, small business owners and people living with paycheck to paycheck are badly effected.

Are you stressed because you recently lost your job?

What can be our comforting answers to our fellows who recently have lost their jobs? I know, it is very hard for them financially at the moment. They have monthly, weekly, and most likely yearly bills to pay. How can we help them find a stable job at the moment of great and urgent need?

Working as a Life Insurance Agent can fill up the gap

My family and I are also financially affected by the pandemic. I am a fulltime student, fulltime mom and work part time from the comfort of my home as a Life Insurance Agent. During this difficult times, I am able to support my family with our financial needs. I don’t need any office hours to make a call and schedule appointments with my existing and prospective clients. I run my own office (shuuuuu from my kitchen🤫). Hey, hey, nothing is much better and easier than this as I ever know and try.

Kitchen Business Girl

If you are wondering how this is possible or if you wanna find out how I do the way I do to make profitable monthly income from the comfort of my home with kids around, contact me at 9189548495 or shoot me an email at I am more than willing to help you get what I already have. Check this out ✨Making Money from Your Kitchen

We cannot rely on stimulus forever to have our constant needs met. Here is the proven and better way to make money from home and stand strong financially during difficult and challenging seasons of our life. Make sure your family is financially secure with your monthly income.

Vung Z. Cing

Even the snowman is lonely at this Christmas

Christmas, as a tradition, is a special time of a year for my family. In December, white and beautiful snows fall and cover the whole city that I live. Oh, I can already smell the Christmas truly now. Streets and buildings have those sparking colorful lights. But most santas staying outsides are feeling very lonely because they are all there by themselves.

Oh this year has been one of the hardest and the most challenging years. As we all know, the pandemic issue has hit the whole world. In fact, the corona virus does not have any special respect for anyone. Millions of people have died around the world. I have no words for especially those that had lost their loved ones. What a difficult Christmas it would be for them.

Sometimes life seems so unfair. Though death is an equalizer of all, the Coronavirus seems to be more mercyless silent killer to all. Many people have suffered. Some have overcome the virus but the majority do not. Both the young and old, the rich and poor, the healthy and unwell, the black and white, the brown and dark, the eastern and western, the northern and the southern, etc. have their own enough nightmares caused by the novel coronavirus.

Have yourself a little Merry Christmas as a Family

Oh now we are very happy that the covid virus vaccinations is available for all (especially for people who have challenging health issues). Many public healthcare clinics and hospitals are offering the vaccines for free of charge. However, the vaccine does not guarantee whether it would fully protect the patients from the virus. In regards to the virus, a lot of questions are being asked and answered by the doctors and physicians.

During this Christmas, in most countries, Christmas celebration is banned from public gatherings. The only option is to enjoy it from the comfort of our own home with our loved ones. What if, you are away from your family, like me, and now wonder about how to face this challenging situation? Here are some tips to purposefully and meaningfully celebrate a remote Christmas amidst the pandemic:

  1. Remember the essence of Christmas (Christ + Mass) and focus on life in the present
  2. Greet your loved ones and friends near and far by zooming with them, making a video call with them on messenger, viber, whatsapp, etc.
  3. Release a spirit of love, joy and peace to your enemies (people with whom you have problems or disagreement with)
  4. Count on your blessings (you are so blessed to celebrate this Christmas in spite of all hardships you have already gone through)
  5. If you can afford, give gifts to your family and friends
  6. Enjoy some good Christmas musics early in the morning (it may lift your spirit up)
  7. Decorate your house with what you have available (make it beautiful, refreshing, and colorful)
  8. Write down some Christmas wishes you have in a book (but keep it as a secret for yourself)
  9. Cook some very delicious meals in celebration
  10. If you are a believer or wanting to become one, do not forget that your sins are forgiven because of Jesus Christ. He himself was born in the form of man so that we all can have eternal life if we accept Him as our personal Lord and Savior.

Everyone loves Gifts

I hope that the year 2020 Christmas would be truly awesome. I pray that it would be joy unspeakable to you and your family.

With love,

Cing and family

Vung Z. Cing

“Oh, pandemic, when will you ever go away from us?” The whole world is in pain due to the covid-19 outbreaks. Many lives are lost and most of them are uninsured. Some developing and underdeveloping countries do not have Life Insurance Companies in existence. On the other hand, there are countries that have different options to choose from in terms of Life Insurances that can secure oneself and even the lives of the families.

What would you do if you are living in a country where you have the options to choose from for your future financial security for your loved ones after you are gone?

My family and I choose @primerica and have our Term Life Insurance taken care of. Now that we feel more than secure and safe for our future. Life is unpredictable with regards to what might happen to us.

Term Life Insurance is very much affordable for my family. We only pay less premium to gain maximum coverage. Do you need any help finding what option is best for you? Please reach out to me for any questions you may have.

Or, are you willing to make an extra income like me by working in your own space at the comfort of your home? I am more than willing to help you recruit and guide you through every step of the way towards your success.

Reach out to me at or text me at 918-954-8495

In His Vineyard,

Vung Zam Cing

Vung Z. Cing

Every year Thanksgiving Day reminds me of how important it is to be grateful in life. Maybe if I focus too much on what went wrong, what didn’t work out, what failed me, people who weren’t there for me, friends that hurt me, a job that became more than a job, a debt I owe, and etc. I have no reason to SMILE. I have my own shares of trails and difficulties like many of us.

But as I get older and learn to understand the meaning of my existence in this world, I have decided to live more happily, more effectively, more consciously, more intentionally, more lovingly, more forgiving, more understanding, more caring, more wisely, more carefully, and more considering.

Life is full of choices! Today is the result of one’s yesterday choice. Hence, one’s tomorrow depends heavily on how one choose wisely today! Life is made out of a million pieces of choices we daily make knowingly or unknowingly.

I had made some major mistakes in my life that I would regret them forever. But I am eternally grateful that God forgives me of all my sins (sins of the past, the present and even the future).

Make good and great choices during #Thanksgiving 😉✨✨🥰👩‍🎓✨😉✨

Thanksgiving Turkey
Thanksgiving Turkey

Vung Z. Cing
@Goli Apple Cider Vinegar

Many people love the Apple Cider Vinegar in its liquid form. The brand comes in different tastes that meets various needs of human being and their wellness.

I used to mix the two table spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar with a glass of water and drink it twice a day, one in the morning and the other one in the evening. I sure had some improvements with my overall health. In fact I am more prone to having extra BMI (Body Mass Index). My weight is far higher than my height. Hence, I always want to make sure that my BMI is in a good level for my health and fitness.

What is Goli?

While wanting to lose weight by taking regularly a liquid Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother), I developed a chest pain (only my personal experiences). I don’t exactly know what was wrong but I stopped taking it anymore. That’s when I switch to @goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies. Unlike the liquid Apple Cider, Goli is very soft, easy to shallow, and rich in organic apple flavor. It is one of the best gummies that has the best ingredients for our overall health.

After having two babies, I seem to gain weight more easily due to the different kinds of vitamins I am taking. It is always hard for me to lose weight even one pound. Therefore, I always look for and do a research for how to lose weight in a healthy way. Now that I find Goli, my heart is at ease for my overall health and fitness.

Goli Nutrition

What kind of Apple Cider Vinegar you regular take?

You can save 10% off (during Thanksgiving) using a coupon code: zua #ad #goligummies #ACV

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Discover ready-to-shop pics from @ItsCing

Vung Z. Cing

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Freedom as we perceive
Imaginary Freedom

My freedom is my freewill to choose

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“Freedom is an exercised Freewill!”

Are You Free?

I love a saying that goes, “To err is human; to forgive is divine.” I grew up from a Pentecostal Charismatic Assembly of God Church.

My dad became an ordained minister when I was 9 years old. He still serves faithfully in our local Church. When I was young, I thought since I was a pastor’s kid my life should be perfect like Jesus.

But sooner or later, I learned that I was that pitiful sinner who totally deserved a penalty for sin, the judgement of eternal death.

But thank God that I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior in 1996. I was then too shy to confess my sins in front of the believers. I could still recall how shaky my knees were that day on the podium.

I thank God that since then I was a complete transformed person from the inside out. My life is under the guidance of the Holy Spirit everyday. My love for God grows as I walk closer with Him.

How happy I am now to know that my sins are forgiven and they no longer have a hold on my life. I am free now and forever from all those hells of shames, fears and failures.

Many talk and post about the pumpkin things (as a tradition). I would like to go beyond that and talk about how one’s life can be transformed forever here and now and for eternity.

All you need to do is to confess your sins and ask for forgiveness and accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. Your life will never be the same! If you need help with your faith journey, reach out to me via messages or etc.

Your soul is worth more than the universe!

Vung Z. Cing

“There is always a rainbow after the rain.”

Tulsa weather nowadays is unpredictable. It had continuously rained for two days. As I went out about going and helping the community in need of service, I thought it was better for the rains to stop pouring heavily for awhile.

On One Rainy Day

It was even difficult to see outside clearly due to the rains plus thunderstorms and lightning. Should I cancel my appointment? (A thought for a second) The answer is loud and clear, “NO!”

I need not necessarily like the rains at that particular time of the day because I had some pre-scheduled and important meetings. I know there are times I love dancing and muddling in the rain, but not that evening.

I imagined for awhile how could the world be without rains! I then realize how much the dusty roads, dry lands, the crops of the farmers, the sea animals and even human beings, etc. that rely heavily on the rain. I now know that I was wrong about my concepts of rains. I corrected my thought then and there for the better.

Sometimes, we easily and hastily complain about everything in life (i.e. about jobs, weather, family, spouse, relatives, relationships, leaders, etc.). If you are tempted very easily like me, please do not spent your single second or minute feeding your frustrating soul.

Instead, thank God for the day, the rain, the sunshine, the spouse, the kids, the family, the jobs and etc.

Though we may dislike the ways things are right now due to the novel pandemic, we all will get through this together. We may need to stay stronger and healthier to win the battles.

I don’t like rains at times, especially when I have busy schedules. However, I need them for my survival and existence.

Difficulties in life are like those unwelcome rains on a specific day. Don’t run away from the rains of difficulties in your life. But go and get a good raincoat, umbrellas and improve a healthy body to defeat the sicknesses that may come along with the rains.

But never forget, “There will always be a rainbow after the rain.”