Health and Wellness

Being healthy in and out is the most important things in everyone’s life. Working out, doing sports and exercises help one keep in tract to have a more fruitful and healthier life. It is a worthwhile journey worth taking and risking.

Self-Care as a Discipline

Recently the Forbes magazine wrote a wonderful article known as “Self-Care Is Not An indulgence. It’s A Discipline.” As I was reading, I ended up thinking what kind of Self-Care I need to have a more healthy lifestyle. As readers, you too may be wondering what and how to improve to have it as your…

My Valentine

LOVE is what everyone longs for and seeks! True and genuine love is difficult to find. It seemingly is costly to those who never have tasted or rarely received it. It also is much harder to give if one has none to share. One may think it can be found only by who willingly and…


Bittetness is an utter blindness towards a possible change in the present and a dangerous enemy for the brighter future. Bittnerness loves staying bitter. It can only produces a bitter taste of life while denying of the fact that there are more flavors into life itself. Bitterness only leads oneself to self destruction. It never…


40corner40 breeds out of what one learns from what is vitally important in life such as, living a healthy life, having a peace of mind and healthy soul. It is a place of sharing, caring and loving.