Self-Care as a Discipline

Recently the Forbes magazine wrote a wonderful article known as “Self-Care Is Not An indulgence. It’s A Discipline.”

As I was reading, I ended up thinking what kind of Self-Care I need to have a more healthy lifestyle. As readers, you too may be wondering what and how to improve to have it as your own that type of a very important discipline.

I would like to share some thoughts on “Self-Care as a Discipline” rather than “Indulgence.” To me, my entire life relies on these special self-disciplines.

1. My belief system as the driving force behind every Self-Discipline. Indeed, I am a very devout believer and follower of Jesus.

2. My Relation with others is one of the heaviest Self-Discipline I have thus far because everybody thinks they are better and smarter than me 😉. Although difficult to accept, it is certainly true according to their own measurement. However, I use a measurement different from theirs 👏😀.

3. My relations to the universe systems and the beauty of a marvelous nature oblige me with a willingness to become a more loving and kinder human being towards them. This includes the lands, the mountains, the seas, the rivers, the sun, the moon, the stars, the very air we breathe, and many others more. Loving nature is one of the most vital Self-Disciple since many do not appreciate them and rather abuse them unknowingly.

4. Forbes does focus on physical health and exercises and doing is worth while. I totally agree with it. Physical exercises are in great demand of our bodies and requires a persistent Self-Discipline. It is true that having a healthy body is great gain because only when we are healthy physically then many important tasks in life can be greatly accomplished.

Thus, Self-Care is not a mere Indulgence but a great Self-Discipline.

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