My Valentine

LOVE is what everyone longs for and seeks! True and genuine love is difficult to find. It seemingly is costly to those who never have tasted or rarely received it. It also is much harder to give if one has none to share. One may think it can be found only by who willingly and steadfastly seek for it.

Infact LOVE is everywhere. It is in you, around you, above you, within you, underneath you, behind you and before you. If you allow yourself to be the one that spreads that love in every possible way, only then you can become what you are truly meant to be as a human being.

LOVE is extremely expensive that even the wealthiest cannot afford to purchase. But it is also so cheap, on the other hand, that even the poorest one can have it as one’s own. It maybe too hard to find for the “gold diggers,” but too easy for the “goal diggers.”

Indeed, the more you share, the greater it grows. The more you keep to oneself , the lesser it become not loving. LOVE is the key to success in life and in courier. Hence, choose LOVE and dearly embrace it. But deny hatred of any form and leave vengeance solely into the hands of God.

May you have an awesome and amazing Valentine Day💚

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