Vung Z. Cing

Even the snowman is lonely at this Christmas

Christmas, as a tradition, is a special time of a year for my family. In December, white and beautiful snows fall and cover the whole city that I live. Oh, I can already smell the Christmas truly now. Streets and buildings have those sparking colorful lights. But most santas staying outsides are feeling very lonely because they are all there by themselves.

Oh this year has been one of the hardest and the most challenging years. As we all know, the pandemic issue has hit the whole world. In fact, the corona virus does not have any special respect for anyone. Millions of people have died around the world. I have no words for especially those that had lost their loved ones. What a difficult Christmas it would be for them.

Sometimes life seems so unfair. Though death is an equalizer of all, the Coronavirus seems to be more mercyless silent killer to all. Many people have suffered. Some have overcome the virus but the majority do not. Both the young and old, the rich and poor, the healthy and unwell, the black and white, the brown and dark, the eastern and western, the northern and the southern, etc. have their own enough nightmares caused by the novel coronavirus.

Have yourself a little Merry Christmas as a Family

Oh now we are very happy that the covid virus vaccinations is available for all (especially for people who have challenging health issues). Many public healthcare clinics and hospitals are offering the vaccines for free of charge. However, the vaccine does not guarantee whether it would fully protect the patients from the virus. In regards to the virus, a lot of questions are being asked and answered by the doctors and physicians.

During this Christmas, in most countries, Christmas celebration is banned from public gatherings. The only option is to enjoy it from the comfort of our own home with our loved ones. What if, you are away from your family, like me, and now wonder about how to face this challenging situation? Here are some tips to purposefully and meaningfully celebrate a remote Christmas amidst the pandemic:

  1. Remember the essence of Christmas (Christ + Mass) and focus on life in the present
  2. Greet your loved ones and friends near and far by zooming with them, making a video call with them on messenger, viber, whatsapp, etc.
  3. Release a spirit of love, joy and peace to your enemies (people with whom you have problems or disagreement with)
  4. Count on your blessings (you are so blessed to celebrate this Christmas in spite of all hardships you have already gone through)
  5. If you can afford, give gifts to your family and friends
  6. Enjoy some good Christmas musics early in the morning (it may lift your spirit up)
  7. Decorate your house with what you have available (make it beautiful, refreshing, and colorful)
  8. Write down some Christmas wishes you have in a book (but keep it as a secret for yourself)
  9. Cook some very delicious meals in celebration
  10. If you are a believer or wanting to become one, do not forget that your sins are forgiven because of Jesus Christ. He himself was born in the form of man so that we all can have eternal life if we accept Him as our personal Lord and Savior.

Everyone loves Gifts

I hope that the year 2020 Christmas would be truly awesome. I pray that it would be joy unspeakable to you and your family.

With love,

Cing and family

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