Vung Z. Cing

Every life has or must have the beginning and the end here on earth. We were born knowing for sure that one day we will leave the earth. While we are still alive it is very important to know what will happen right after we die. Many religions have different beliefs about life after death.

Have you ever experienced Loss of Loved One?

When we lost someone near and dear to our heart, it was very hard even to go through the pain of missing their presence. Grieving for loved ones is real. We can’t never replace them. Regarding loss, we all differ each other from coping with loss and grief. Some could spend countless hours, days, months and years to recover from the loss while for some others recovering from it is much faster.

Grieving for Loss is Real!

I personally had gone through tremendous loss of loved ones. I would like to share some helpful thoughts and actions that may help you recover more faster from grief and loss. Here are some simple steps you can practice yourself without the help of a counselor or etc.

What do you believe in?

1. Try to accept the universal truth of loss and grief. They are real. Humans have real feelings and emotions for real life.

2. Know that you are not alone in this journey. Everyone has his or her share of loss and grief. It is nobody’s fault to feel broken and hopeless due to the loss.

3. Give yourself time to grieve until you are emotionally able to accept the fact. The more you understand yourself in times of grief, the faster you will overcome the given situation. Never try to be in a hurry to get emotional healing. Emotional healing or recovery is a process.

4. Believe in your heart and soul that death is not the end of everything. It is just the beginning of everything new. Depending on what you believe, you will be able to hope into something greater than death itself. In fact, most religions teach that death is not just the end of everything but rather the beginning of new life. For Christians, death opens up door of eternal life for those who believe in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

5. We, Christians, believe that there will be a day of resurrection when all the dead will rise again. We believe in the power of resurrection, and hope in the resurrection of the dead.

6. Once we are certain of a personal salvation of the dead, we know for sure where he or she is going. Of course, heaven where death or sorrow or pain do not exist (for Christians).

7. Therefore, what we believe will help us cope with loss and grief. If the religion we believe in teaches us about life after death or no life after death or anything can happen after death or etc, we are wired in our souls with their teachings. Certainly, the dead can no longer speak for oneself, so we have to choose how far we will go on with the season of grief. The longer it lingers, the deeper it takes time to heal.

8. The choice is ours. We can have a total control over how to feel or cope up with loss and grief. No one can do on the behalf of us. We will have to choose how to win in life even during and after our experiences of loss and grief.

9. Study what good things to learn from the stories of the dead. It helps us see and acknowledge what legacy he or she left us with. Learning their legacies will tremendously help us heal our wounded emotions faster.

10. Getting oneself prepare for death itself can help us see death as not an obstacle but an opportunity to help us pass through another life. We will remember that we all have to go through that hard part in life. But death is not the end of our Journey here on earth. Death is just the beginning of eternal life. Our readiness itself will help us recover from coping with loss and grief. Please remember, we are responsible for the health and wellness of our hearts, minds and soul.

Are you ready to write your next chapter in Life after loss? The page is blank, start writing Life to it!

Start writing Life to the Next Chapter!

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