Invest in your Kids (UNest)

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Recently, my husband and I discuss about how to raise our kids. So many questions and uncertainties arose. However, one thing we are sure is they must study and learn in the best Colleges and Universities in the country (if not in the whole world).

College saving for kids are the best way, we as parents, can contribute and invest into the lives of our children.

As a kid, I never had that opportunity. My parents struggled over daily needs and provisions for the survival of the whole family. My family is big. I have six siblings that make a family members of nine (big one right 😁).

I could still recall how my parents went to the bank to borrow money with big interest. We lived in a small rural town where we only had one government bank ( then in 1990s). The government had lots of restrictions on the citizens and farmers for loans (not to mention for student loans which option the bank did not have). In fact, our town also had some capable wealthy people (not very rich in today’s world though). Me and my mom sometimes visited their houses in order to borrow money from them (never a pleasure though).

It was very disappointing and discouraging to have experienced poverty and not being able to save money for the College. I hope you could relate to me if you’ve ever been through that type of financial hardships.

Let us leave behind the past for now. In today’s world, we, as parents and caregivers, have much opportunities compare to the old times (that of our parents and grandparents). We can at least save a tiny bit from our income to be able to send our kids for their future studies.

We all know “Student loans” is an option, I know. But we don’t want our kids to pay their debt their whole life. So we need to contribute in anyway we can so that they have the better life they deserve.

Please join me in this journey, “SAVE FOR KIDS, TAX FREE.”🌸

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