Vung Z. Cing

🌸When life is hard, remember the best is yet to come

🌸When life is hard, count on your uncountable blessings

🌸When life is hard, focus on what you can do now

🌸When life is hard, train yourself to be grateful

🌸When life is hard, summit your ways to the LORD

🌸When life is hard, let your praises rise higher

🌸When life is hard, learn to enjoy every moment

🌸 When life is hard, meditate on His goodness

🌸When life is hard, know that it too shall pass

🌸When life is hard, be thankful that you live for a purpose greater than yourself

🌸When life is hard, beckon the angels to lift your spirit up

🌸When life is hard, sit down and relax because by the time you get up, you would have already overcome the hardship 🌸

🌸When Life is hard, know that it’s only a battle in your mind that makes it hard

🌸So to win in life, you must first win the war in your soul and mind

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