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A Content Soul

Theme: A Content Soul

🌸In a world full of discontentments especially due to the covid pandemic, it is hard to be content everyday of what’s happening within ourselves, others (people near & far)❤️

🌸Morning routine has become very important…

🌸How does your morning routine look like?

🌸I know for many of us early morning meditations, prayer time, writing a thankful note or journal, or early morning walkout or having sweaty exercises or etc do help🔥




Personally, my daily morning routines include meditations (on the Scriptures for the day), having a cup of @dunkindonuts_usa coffee brew with @cuisinart coffee maker and some pieces of my favorite cookies @oreo with boiled egg🌸




In doing so consistently, I now develop a healthy morning with a content soul. Having a content soul governs a content mind and outreach that helps oneself and others. It give energy needed for the whole day and a clear mind for the next chapter of one’s life journey💕

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