Vung Z. Cing

“There is always a rainbow after the rain.”

Tulsa weather nowadays is unpredictable. It had continuously rained for two days. As I went out about going and helping the community in need of service, I thought it was better for the rains to stop pouring heavily for awhile.

On One Rainy Day

It was even difficult to see outside clearly due to the rains plus thunderstorms and lightning. Should I cancel my appointment? (A thought for a second) The answer is loud and clear, “NO!”

I need not necessarily like the rains at that particular time of the day because I had some pre-scheduled and important meetings. I know there are times I love dancing and muddling in the rain, but not that evening.

I imagined for awhile how could the world be without rains! I then realize how much the dusty roads, dry lands, the crops of the farmers, the sea animals and even human beings, etc. that rely heavily on the rain. I now know that I was wrong about my concepts of rains. I corrected my thought then and there for the better.

Sometimes, we easily and hastily complain about everything in life (i.e. about jobs, weather, family, spouse, relatives, relationships, leaders, etc.). If you are tempted very easily like me, please do not spent your single second or minute feeding your frustrating soul.

Instead, thank God for the day, the rain, the sunshine, the spouse, the kids, the family, the jobs and etc.

Though we may dislike the ways things are right now due to the novel pandemic, we all will get through this together. We may need to stay stronger and healthier to win the battles.

I don’t like rains at times, especially when I have busy schedules. However, I need them for my survival and existence.

Difficulties in life are like those unwelcome rains on a specific day. Don’t run away from the rains of difficulties in your life. But go and get a good raincoat, umbrellas and improve a healthy body to defeat the sicknesses that may come along with the rains.

But never forget, “There will always be a rainbow after the rain.”

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