Vung Z. Cing
@waterpik (water flosser)

Oral health is one of the most important selfcare routines for me. I grew up in a very small town where we only had just one dentist for the maximum of 50,000 people in the 1980’s. Hence, unless I had toothache I didn’t have that rare opportunity to visit the Dentist.

Taking care for oral health overall is very vital as I get older. I am in my 35’s now and I have been very serious about my oral health. Due to not having a regular access and check up with the Dentist, I was almost late in caring for my lovely and beautiful teeth.

When we were young or younger, if we had a toothache, the only option given was to extract so that we might get rid of the pain. There wasn’t any root canal treatment or fillings for the problematic tooth. Hence, we early lost some teeth due to not receiving a proper oral health treatments.

I know this may sound odd and very strange for many living in the US. But that was how most poor and undeveloped countries had to deal with the oral health issues in the 1980’s.

Therefore, as the technology of oral health treatments and equipments develop rapidly, I am very happy that I too can now have personal access to some top brands Oral Health Care such as @waterpik with water flosser.

I bought this at @costco in Tulsa, OK. We also need to choose what oral health products we should choose (i.e. toothpaste, mouthwash, flossing tips, etc.) Having a regular checkup with the dentist is also very important if we would like to have strong and healthy teeth.

I personally use @colgate toothpaste, @oralb BRAUN electronics toothbrushes; @crestoralbpro and @oralb3dwhite oralcare; and @sanofi actfluoride for whitening and aniticavity fluoride mouthwash; @oralb complete Glide floss picks, and @orabrush tongue cleanser. Using such best oral products improve my overall oral health and prevent my teeth from further oral or tooth problems.

You may have a very healthy teeth or like me you may sometimes suffer from toothache or etc. I strongly recommend that you invest in your oral health if that seems very important to you. As saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure,” it is very wise to prevent oneself from oral or tooth problems.

You may also read the overall benefits of using @waterpik at
Stay safe and keep your oral health healthy or healthier during this difficult and unprecedented time!

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